How it Works

We’re a tech enabled roller rink—we get you online to get you offline. Book your skate time to get rollin’.

How to book skating

We’re a tech enabled roller rink—we get you online to get you offline. Meaning you book your skate time through our website, tell your friends and then show up for a quick check in experience. We’ll walk you through the process:

  • Pick your location
  • Select BYO Skates or Skate Rentals
  • Pick your skate size (skip if you have your own skates)
  • Choose a date and time
  • Add on protective gear #SafetyIsSexy
  • Pay online
  • Check your confirmation email and sign your waiver
  • Last step, have fun and tag us in your pics!

Skating Pricing

Includes wrist guards and coat check

  • Skate rentals

    Includes admission & wrist guards.
    Protective Gear Bundle is complimentary for anyone under 16 yrs.

    One hour — $18
    Two hours — $25
    Three hours — $30

  • BYO skates

    Select your start time & stay up to 3 hours.

    Kids Admission(Ages 5-16) — $12
    Adults Admission (Ages 16+) — $14
    Seniors Admission (Ages 65+) — $12

  • Protective gear

    Give me all the protective gear I can get! Bundle — $5 (best value)

    Knee pads, elbow pads, helmets — $2 each

Become a SUSO Member

Our membership option allows you to roll unlimited at our pop-up locations. You must have your own skates. Here are the benefits to joining Club SUSO:

  • Best value if you skate more than once a week!
  • Skate for an infinite amount of time
  • Free use of protective gear (personal use only)
  • One pair of SUSO skate socks
  • Feature on our IG as a SUSO member (optional)
  • First access to exclusive SUSO events

Membership pricing

Pricing can vary per pop-up location. 
You must still book a time in advance to secure your spot.

Book at one of our locations